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Wealth + Care = WealthCare

WealthCare Mentors Help People...

Save more money,

Pay lower taxes, and

Build a better retirement.

The WealthCare Blueprint is a powerful tool designed to guide you though the financial planning process.

Financial Advisor Training and Coaching

The Trust Building Blueprint™ for Wealth Advisors and Family Office Teams

Ask Better Questions

Design Better Strategies

Deliver Better Results

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Smarter Strategies and Better Results

The Trust Building Blueprint™ was created by a CFP® Professional for Wealth Advisors and Family Office Teams.  

The Blueprint is focused on What Matters Most - for your client.

Learn how to guide your clients to experience more clarity, confidence, and contentment in their financial life.

Take your professional skills to the next level of Success, Significance, and Satisfaction

It all starts with a conversation about their vision, values, and purpose.

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3 Part Blueprint


The Foundation

Part 1: The Foundation

In this section you learn a new discovery process that focuses on What Matters Most to your client. Their vision, values, and purpose.

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The Framing

Their Current Financial Position

In this section of the Blueprint, you take a snapshot of your client's current financial position.

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The Finish

Unpacking Their Specific Financial Goals

Some of us are gifted at setting good, clear goals, but others need some help.

Popular author and speaker Brian Tracy wrote, “Successful men and women invest the time necessary to develop absolute clarity about themselves and what they really want, like designing a detailed blueprint for a building before they begin construction.

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Jim Munchbach

Hi, I'm Jim Munchbach. Founder and CEO of BayRock Financial. I look forward to working with you and your advisory team. I designed The Blueprint for Financial Success™ to help clients save more money, pay lower taxes, and build a better retirement.

What I've found is that Financial Advisors love the Blueprint because its a powerful tool that builds trust throughout the planning process. 

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What Matters Most

by Jim Munchbach

Build a Purpose-Centered Alliance with your clients to fulfill their dreams, and yours, too!

Make Your Money Count

Connecting your resources to...

What Matters Most

Jim Munchbach, CFP® Professional

The Blueprint for Financial Success™ was designed by a CFP® Professional. Now available in an online course for Wealth Advisors and Family Office Teams.

Money back guarantee

100% satisfaction

If at any time during the first 14 days of enrollment you're not 100% satisfied with your training experience, we will refund your order.

Smarter Strategies and Better Results

During your course, you'll have ongoing access to a CFP® Professional—all at your fingertips. When you have questions, you always get 1:1 advice—just call or email our team, or schedule a video chat with the instructor anytime.

High-Touch Low Cost

Save More Money

Your professional training doesn't need to cost as much as it did back in the day. 

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Your Success is our Only Interest

 Next Level Skills

As fiduciaries, you put your clients' interests first. And since Munchbach Family Office is family-owned, we can keep your training costs low while delivering better results, so you can invest more on growing your business.

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Independent Advice focused on What Matters Most

Build a Better Retirement

Whether your clients are saving for their dream home or planning for retirement, they want to work closely with you and your advisory team to build a customized financial plan. We teach you how to build the plan - and much much more.

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Tax Efficient Planning Strategies

Your Clients Will...

  • Save More Money,

  • Pay Lower Taxes, and

  • Build a Better Retirement

Build a Better Retirement

Your Clients Will...

  • Save More Money,

  • Pay Lower Taxes, and

  • Build a Better Retirement 

Stay on Top of Your Financial Plan

Your Clients Will...

  • Save More Money,

  • Pay Lower Taxes, and

  • Build a Better Retirement